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About Journal of Animal Science

About Journal of Animal Science

Impact factor and rank among animal and dairy science journals:

The Journal of Animal Science (JAS) is the premier journal for animal science and serves as the leading source of new knowledge and perspective in this area. JAS publishes more than 500 fully reviewed research articles, invited reviews, technical notes, and letters to the editor each year. According to the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), JAS consistently ranks as one of the top journals (among 49 titles) in the category of Agriculture, Dairy, and Animal Sciences in terms of impact factor, immediacy index, and cited half-life and is in the top 1% of STM publishing (50,000+ titles) by total ISI citations. As a testament to its rank as a leading international journal, the 2015 Impact Factor is 2.014, and the cited half-life is the highest given by ISI at >10 yr.

Purpose and scope:
The mission of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) is to foster communication and collaboration among individuals and organizations associated with animal science research, education, industry, or administration. ±To discover, disseminate and apply knowledge for sustainable use of animals for food and other human needs.± The Journal of Animal Science, which is published monthly by ASAS, accepts manuscripts presenting information for publication with this mission in mind. Articles published in JAS encompass a broad range of research topics in animal production and fundamental aspects of genetics, nutrition, physiology, and preparation and utilization of animal products. Articles typically report research with beef cattle, companion animals, goats, horses, pigs, and sheep; however, studies involving other farm animals, aquatic and wildlife species, and laboratory animal species that address fundamental questions related to livestock and companion animal biology will be considered for publication. 

Publication costs: 
In 2016, JAS instituted a submission fee equivalent to the page charges for one page at the membership rate. The submission fee must be paid at the time of submission, but will be credited towards total page charge fee if the article is published. The submission fee is not refundable if the article is rejected.

The journal has 2 options available for publication: open access and conventional page charges. For the open access option, authors will pay the open access fee when proofs are returned to the editorial office so that their article will become freely available upon publication in an online issue of JAS. Charges for open access publication are $2,500 per article if at least one author is a current professional member of ASAS; the charge is $3,250 when no author is a professional ASAS member. For conventional publication, the charge is $100 per printed page in JAS if at least one author is a professional ASAS member; the page charge is $200 when no author is a professional member of ASAS. Reprints may be ordered at an additional charge.

Intended readership:
Readers of JAS typically represent education, industry, and government, including research, teaching, administration, extension, management, quality assurance, product development, and technical services. Those interested in JAS typically include biochemists, animal breeders, economists, embryologists, engineers, food scientists, geneticists, microbiologists, nutritionists, physiologists, processors, public health professionals, and others with an interest in animal production and fundamental aspects of animal sciences.

Permission Requests

For any permission request to reuse material from JAS, please access or contact the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, 978-750-8400. CCC is a not-for-profit organization that provides licenses and registration for a variety of uses.

Bibliographic Information:
2016 Volume 94
Number of issues per year: 12 (plus electronic supplements with abstracts)
Frequency: monthly
Print ISSN: 0021-8812; Online ISSN: 1525-3163
JAS is peer reviewed.
Print Subscription Format: 8 1/2” ± 11”; 300 line screen photographs; enamel, acid-free paper; includes access to online version

Indexing and Abstracting:
JAS is Indexed and Abstracted by Agricola, Biological Abstracts, Biological and Agricultural Index, BIOSIS Database, CABI Abstracts, Current Contents, Infotrieve, ISI Web of Science, Proquest, PubMed/Medline

ASAS Sustaining Members
We express our appreciation to the following organizations and individuals who support the efforts of the American Society of Animal Science and the Journal of Animal Science through Sustaining Membership.

Corporate Sustaining Members:
Advanced Ag Products, Canton, SD; Ajinomoto Heartland Inc., Chicago, IL; Akey, Brookville, OH; Archer Daniels Midland Co., Decatur, IL; Darling International, Inc., Irving, TX; Diamond V, Cedar Rapids, IA; DuPont, Pioneer, Johnston, IA; Elanco Animal Health, Greenfield, IN; Global Pig Farms Inc., Shibukawa Gunma; International Ingredient Corporation, Fenton, MO; Kent Nutrition Group, Muscatine, IA; Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Milwaukee, WI; Novus International Inc., St. Charles, MO; Qualitech, Inc., Round Rock, TX; Ralco Nutrition, Inc., Mankato, MN; Trouw Nutrition USA, Highland, IL; Zinpro Corporation, Eden Prairie, MN; Zoetis, Kalamazoo, MI

Individual Sustaining Members:
Debra Aaron, David Anderson, Shawn Archibeque, Todd Armstrong, Duane Bernhardson, Roger Campbell, Kenneth Eng, George Fahey, J. Ford, Melvin Greeley, Deb Hamernik, Thomas Hoagland, Walter Koers, Steven Larsen, Robert Lee, Michael Looper, Phillip Miller, Dennis Nuttelman, William Olson, Ronaldo Oliveira, Rodney Preston, James Sartin, Sifiso Tshonaphi, Jose Luiz Vasconcelos, Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe

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