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  1. Vol. 7 No. 2, p. 43
    Published: April 13, 2017

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CSAS Symposia at 2017 ASAS/CSAS Annual Meeting in Baltimore

Symposium #1

Theme: From one to all biological components – the new approach of Systems Biology

The talented people who will speak at this symposium are:

  • 1) Dr. Burim Ametaj – University of Alberta Systems Biology: A new approach to tackling periparturient diseases of dairy cows.

  • 2) Dr. Ehsan Khafipour – University of Manitoba Associations between gut, mammary and vaginal microbiomes in dairy cattle: Role in health and disease

  • 3) Dr. Angela Cánovas – University of Guelph Understanding the nature of complex phenotypes in beef using systems biology

  • 4) Dr. Juan Loor – University of Illinois Reconstruction of metabolic and physiologic adaptations to lactation using systems biology

Symposium #2

Theme: Healthy food from healthy animals, the emergence of functional foods

  1. 1) Dr. Alison Duncan – University of Guelph Functional foods of animal origin in relation to human health

  2. 2) Dr. David Kitts – University of British Columbia Plant Bioactives as Functional Feed Ingredients for Animal Production Systems

  3. 3) Dr. Heather Bruce – University of Alberta Controlling meat quality through product functionality enhancement

  4. 4) Dr. Payam Vahmani – AAFC Beef: from a good source of nutrients to a functional food

  5. 5) Dr. Rachel Gervais – Laval University Milk fatty acids: emerging perspectives

  6. 6) Dr. Xin Zhao – McGill University The role of milk fat in modern human nutrition: what is the current state of knowledge?


CSAS 2017 Student AWARDS: Nominations are now being accepted for GRADUATE STUDENT TRAVEL BURSARY

The GRADUATE STUDENT TRAVEL BURSARY is eligible to graduate students of Canadian Universities scheduled to present their work at the CSAS annual conference (2017 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting in Baltimore, USA). Eight awards are available this year.

Nominations for the student travel award must be submitted by the department chair.

For more details on awards and eligibility, visit

Send nominations to Dr. Ehsan Khafipour(

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  • The Canadian Society of Animal Science is a national non-profit organization engaged in extension, production, research, and teaching or with a related interest in the livestock or poultry industries in Canada. Its mission is to facilitate the discovery and dissemination of knowledge in animal science for the benefit of society.

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