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Commercial and pipeline traits by categories for GM crops in the U.S.

Trait Benefits
Farmer End use consumer
Herbicide tolerance Corn, soybean, canola, cotton, sugar beet, alfalfa, sweet corn Weed control, yield, reduced pesticides, reduced input costs, maintain topsoil Reduced greenhouse gasses, reduced sediment in surface waters
Insect resistance Corn, cotton, sweet corn Insect control, yield, reduced losses, reduced input costs, reduced pesticides Reduced greenhouse gasses
Drought tolerant Corn Yield, water conservation Commodity price stability
Disease resistance Papaya, summer squash Grow crop in infected regions, reduced waste Availability, reduced waste, more appealing
Hybridization System Canola Improved yield, reduced labor Commodity price stability
Hybridization system Corn Reduced labor costs
Herbicide resistance Corn, soybean, cotton. canola, sugar beet New mode of action for weed resistance
Insect Resistance Corn, cotton, rice New mode of action for insect resistance management
Insect Resistance Rice, soybean Insect control, yield, reduced losses, reduced input costs, reduced pesticides
Nematode resistance Soybean Pest control
Reduced lignin Alfalfa Flexible harvest window
Improved fatty acid profile Soybean Price premium Reduced waste, Healthier fatty acid profile
Disease resistance Chestnut Grow trees in infected regions Forest restoration, lumber
Disease resistance Oranges and other citrus Grow crop in infected regions Crop availability
Non-browning Potato, apple Reduced waste, more appealing
Disease control Corn, sugar beet Yield, Reduced fungicide use (beet)
Fungal resistance Soybean Yield, reduced fungicide use
Yield Soybean Yield
Yield Sugar beet Yield
Yield Wheat Yield
Drought tolerance Soybean Yield, water conservation Commodity price stability
1Commercialized prior to 2016.
2From:; Drought tolerant soy also added. For pipeline products only newer expected benefits are listed.
3Potato also has reduced potential for acrylamide after frying, which is a carcinogen.