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Journal of Animal Science Abstract -

Effect of roasted or raw peanut kernels on lactation performance and milk composition of swine.


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  1. Vol. 68 No. 9, p. 2591-2597


  1. K D Haydon,
  2. G L Newton,
  3. C R Dove and
  4. S E Hobbs
  1. Dept. of Anim. Sci., University of Georgia Coastal Plain Station, Tifton 31793.


A lactation trial involving 105 sows was conducted to determine the effect of 12% roasted or raw, ground, whole, shelled peanuts on sow weight change during lactation, feed intake, piglet and litter weight gain, milk composition, and days to return to postweaning estrus. The trial was conducted using three sow groups during two farrowing seasons, summer (July to September) and winter (December to February). Diets were based on corn plus soybean meal. Diets contained either 5% animal fat or equivalent added fat from 12% roasted or raw, ground, shelled peanuts. The replacement of animal fat by roasted or raw peanuts had no effect (P greater than .20) on sow weight change, average daily feed intake during lactation or days to estrus postweaning, or on piglet weight gain or survival. Milk composition (percentage fat and protein) was not altered (P greater than .20) by source of fat in the summer; however, in the winter, sows fed roasted peanuts had higher (P less than .05) milk fat and protein percentage at 3 d postfarrowing than other treatment groups. At d 7, sows fed 12% roasted or raw peanuts had higher (P less than .05) milk protein than sows fed 5% animal fat. Sows farrowing in the summer had greater (P less than .01) weight loss and consumed less (P less than .05) feed during lactation than sows farrowing in the winter. Sows farrowed in the summer had larger (P less than .05) litters at birth and 14 d postfarrowing and greater (P less than .10) piglet and litter weight gain postfarrowing than those farrowed in the winter.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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