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Journal of Animal Science Abstract - Quantitative Genetics

A practical longitudinal model for evaluating growth in Gelbvieh cattle


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  1. Vol. 83 No. 1, p. 29-33
    Received: Apr 16, 2004
    Accepted: Sept 02, 2004

    1 Corresponding author(s):

  1. K. R. Robbins1,
  2. I. Misztal and
  3. J. K. Bertrand
  1. Animal and Dairy Science Department, The University of Georgia, Athens 30602-2771


Genetic evaluation of growth in Gelbvieh beef cattle was examined by multiple-trait (MTM) and random regression (RRM) analysis. The data set comprised 541,108 animals with 1,120,086 records. Approximately 15% of the animals in the data set had at least one record measured outside of the accepted MTM age ranges for weaning weight (Wwt) and yearling weight (Ywt). Fourteen percent of Wwt records and 19% of Ywt records were measured outside the accepted ranges for MTM analysis, and thus were excluded from MTM evaluations. Two RRM evaluations were performed using cubic Legendre polynomials (RRML) and linear splines (RRMS) with three knots at 1, 205, and 365 d of age. Data Set 1 (d1) utilized all available records, whereas Data Set 2 (d2) included only records measured within MTM ranges (1 d, 160 to 250 d, and 320 to 410 d). The RRML models did not reach convergence until diagonalization was imposed. After diagonalization, it was found that all longitudinal models required fewer iterations to converge than the MTM. Correlations between the MTM, RRML-d2, and RRMS-d2 evaluations were ≥0.99 for all three traits, indicating that these models were equivalent when predicting breeding values from data within the MTM age ranges. Correlations between MTM, RRML-d1, and RRMS-d1 were >0.99 for Bwt and >0.95 for Wwt and Ywt. The lower correlations for Wwt and Ywt indicate that the added information does affect breeding value prediction. The RRM has the capability to incorporate records measured at all ages into genetic evaluations at a computing cost similar to the MTM.

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