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Nutrient transporters in bovine uteroplacental tissues on days sixteen to fifty of gestation1


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  1. Vol. 94 No. 11, p. 4738-4747
    Received: July 29, 2016
    Accepted: Sept 06, 2016
    Published: October 27, 2016

    2 Corresponding author(s):

  1. M. S. Crouse 2*,
  2. K. J. McLean*,
  3. M. R. Crosswhite*,
  4. L. P. Reynolds*,
  5. C. R. Dahlen*,
  6. B. W. Neville,
  7. P. P. Borowicz* and
  8. J. S. Caton*
  1. * Department of Animal Sciences, Center for Nutrition and Pregnancy, North Dakota State University, Fargo 58108
     Central Grasslands Research Extension Center, Streeter, ND 58483


During early gestation, nutrients are transported to the developing embryo via transporters in the uterine endometrium and chorioallantois. In the present study, we examined glucose transporters GLUT1 and GLUT3 and the cationic AA transporters SLC7A1, SLC7A2, and SLC7A3 to test the hypotheses that 1) relative mRNA expression of transporters would be different among uteroplacental tissue type as gestation progresses and 2) concentrations of glucose and cationic AA would be different among target sites (placental compartments, serum, and histotrophic) and days of gestation. To test these hypotheses, crossbred Angus heifers (n = 46) were synchronized, bred via AI, and then ovariohysterectomized on d 16, 22, 28, 34, 40, or 50 of gestation (5 to 9/d) or not bred and ovariohysterectomized on d 16 of the synchronized estrous cycle (n = 7) to serve as nonpregnant (NP) controls. Uteroplacental tissues (maternal caruncle [CAR], intercaruncular endometrium [ICAR], and fetal membranes [FM; chorioallantois, d 22 and later]) were collected from the uterine horn ipsilateral to the corpus luteum immediately following ovariohysterectomy. Relative mRNA expression of the glucose transporters and cationic AA transporters was determined for each tissue from d 16 to 50 of gestation and from NP controls. Chorioallantoic, amniotic, and plasma fluids were collected from heifers on d 40 and 50 of gestation to determine concentrations of glucose and cationic AA. Expression of GLUT1 and SLC7A2 showed a tendency (P < 0.10) toward being greater in d 16 ICAR and d 34 ICAR, respectively. Day × tissue interactions (P < 0.05) were present for GLUT3, SLC7A1, and SLC7A3. Expression of GLUT3 was greater in d 50 CAR, expression of SLC7A1 was greater on d 34 in ICAR, and expression of SLC7A3 was greater in CAR tissue on d 34 compared with all other tissues and days of gestation. Glucose concentrations tended (P = 0.10) to be impacted by a day × fluid interaction. A day × fluid interaction (P = 0.01) for arginine concentration was observed, with greater concentrations in allantoic fluid on d 40 compared with all other days and fluid types. These data support our hypothesis that glucose and cationic AA transporters differ in their level of mRNA expression due to day of gestation and uteroplacental tissue type. In addition, concentrations of nutrients were differentially impacted by day, target site, and/or their respective interaction.

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