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Journal of Animal Science -

Feed intake and digestibility by cattle consuming bermudagrass or orchardgrass hay supplemented with soybean hulls and(or) corn.


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  1. Vol. 71 No. 11, p. 3087-3095


  1. D L Galloway Sr,
  2. A L Goetsch,
  3. L A Forster Jr,
  4. A R Patil,
  5. W Sun and
  6. Z B Johnson
  1. Department of Animal Science, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 72701.


Effects of supplementing cattle consuming tropical or temperate grass with corn and (or) soybean hulls on feed intake and digestibility were determined. In Exp. 1, eight Holstein steer calves (210 +/- 9.2 and 269 +/- 9.4 kg initial and final BW, respectively), in two simultaneous Latin squares, were given ad libitum access to bermudagrass (B) or orchardgrass (O) hay without supplementation or with (DM basis) .5% of BW of ground corn (C), .7% of BW of soybean hulls (H), or .25% of BW of corn plus .35% of BW of soybean hulls (CH). Total OM intake was greater (P < .05) with than without supplementation (5.05, 6.04, 5.95, 6.06, 6.04, 6.81, 6.61, and 6.69 kg/d), and digestible OM intake was affected by forage source (P < .05), mixing of supplement types (CH versus the mean of C and H; P < .09), and the forage source x supplementation interaction (P < .09; 2.65, 3.40, 3.33, 3.46, 3.71, 4.14, 3.98, and 4.30 kg/d for B, B-C, B-H, B-CH, O, O-C, O-H, and O-CH, respectively). Total tract NDF digestibility was greater (P < .05) for O than for B diets and for H than for C (56.4, 53.9, 58.1, 56.9, 68.5, 64.9, 67.7, and 69.6% for B, B-C, B-H, B-CH, O, O-C, O-H, and O-CH, respectively). In Exp. 2, mature cannulated beef cattle (524 +/- 1.6 kg BW) were used in a design similar to Exp. 1 with comparable dietary supplement levels.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)



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