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Summary of recent experiments evaluating effects of chromium (Cr) supplementation as either chromium methionine (Cr-Met) or chromium propionate (Cr-Prop) on milk yield, DMI, circulating nonesterified fatty acids (NEFA), and reproductive performance (Repro)1

Study Form and amount Milk DMI NEFA Repro
Hayirli et al., 2001 Cr-Met, approximately 8 mg/d Cr Trend ↓ Not eval2
Smith et al., 2005, 2008b Cr-Met, approximately 8 mg/d Cr Not eval
Bryan et al., 2004 Cr-Met, 6.25 mg/d Cr Grazing ↓ pre Trend ↑ pregnancy rate
McNamara and Valdez, 2005 Cr-Prop, 10 mg/d Cr Not eval
Sadri et al., 2009 Cr-Met, approximately 10 mg/d Cr Trend ↑ Not eval Not eval
Kafilzadeh et al., 2012 Cr-Met, 8 mg/d Cr Not eval Trend ↓ days to first ovulation
Yasui et al., 2012a Cr-Prop, 8 mg/d Cr Trend ↑ pre Trend ↓ pre ↓ CE3
1↑, ↔, and ↓ denote significant increase of Cr, no significant effect of Cr, and significant decrease of Cr, respectively. pre = prepartum.
2Not evaluated.
3CE = cytological endometritis.