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On Jan. 1, 2015, we made much needed changes to the Journal of Animal Science (JAS) editorial and review structure. Why did we make this change? To decrease the time to publication. Time for review, time for revision, and time for final decision are the 3 major factors affecting the interval from submission to publication.  Our changes are targeted at reducing those times. The most visible change will be our conversion from the current Editor-in-Chief—Division Editor—Associate Editor—reviewer structure to an Editor-in-Chief—Section Editor—Reviewer structure.  Changing between these two structures increases the number of people with final decision authority on a manuscript without increasing the number of people serving in these positions. This streamlines the process and reduces redundant, time consuming review. 

Beginning with January 1, 2015 submissions, Section Editors will be authorized to make acceptance, revision, and rejection decisions.  This change will mainly target the times from submission to reviewer invitation, from submission until manuscripts are in review, and from revision until a final decision, rapidly decreasing the overall time to publication.

There are additional changes that will target the times that are permitted for revisions.  These changes are described in the 2015 Instructions for Authors, Journal of Animal Science.

And finally, ASAS is further enlisting the help of our Editorial Board to tackle decreasing the time in review.  Editorial Board members will now be our frontline reviewers.   

The ASAS Board mandates a study of publication efficiency every 3 years. The 2014 study in addition to member and author feedback led to these changes. The goal is to show rapid improvement by July of 2015.



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Joel S. Caton



Layi Adeola (Purdue University), 2019

Shawn Archebeque (Colorado State University)2019

Paul A. Beck (University of Arkansas)2020

Giuseppe Bee (Agroscope, Bern)2018

Donagh P. Berry (TEAGASC)2019

Rupert Bruckmaier (University of Berne)2018

Tom Burkey (University of Nebraska)2019

Reinaldo F. Cooke (Texas A&M University)2020

Trevor Devries (University of Guelph)2019

Alan Ealy  (Virginia Tech)2020

Shane Gadberry (University of Arkansas)2019

Gretchen Hill  (Michingan State University)2018

Sung Woo Kim (North Carolina State University)2019

Amanda Lindhom  (USDA,ARS, USMARC)2020

Steven M. Lonergan (Iowa State University)2019

James Oltjen (University of California, Davis)2018

John F. Patience (Iowa State University)2019

Scott Radcliffe (Purdue University)2018

Janeen Salak-Johnson (University of Illinois)2020

Matthew Spangler  (University of Nebraska)2019

Deborah L. VanOverbeke (Oklahoma State University)2019

Juan J. Villalba (Utah State University)2018

Special Topics:

Mark A. Mirando (USDA, NIFA)2019


Phil Miller  (University of Nebraska)2019




Skip Bartol, Auburn University (2020)

Dustin Boler, University of Illinois (2020)
Jay Daniel, Berry College (2018)
Ryan Dilger, University of Illinois (2020)
Nicolas DiLorenzo, University of Florida (2019)

Mary Drewnoski, University of Nebraska (2020)
Min Du, Washington State University (2019)
Theodore Elsasser, USDA/ARS, Beltsville (2019)
Mark Estienne, Virginia Tech (2019)
Christian Feldkamp, Com. De Ganadería AACREA (2018)
Andrew Foote, USDA-ARS-MARC (2020)
Samodha Fernando, University of Nebraska (2020)
Chad Foradori, Auburn University (2020)
Mateus Pies Gionbelli, Universidade Federal de Lavras (2020)
Robert Goodband, Kansas State University (2018)
Pablo Gregorini, Lincoln University (2020)
Josef Gross, University of Bern (2018)
Harald Hammon, Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology (2020)
Laura Hernandez, University of Wisconsin (2019)
Jennifer Hernandez-Gifford, New Mexico State University (2019)
Maria Hoffman, University of Rhode Island (2020)
Yan Huang, University of Arkansas (2020)
Phillip Hynd, University of Adelaide (2019)
Joshua Jendza, BASF Corporation (2018)
Karla Jenkins, University of Nebraska Lincoln (2019)
Caleb Lemley, Mississippi State University (2020)
Matt Luebbe, Muscatine (2020)
Vitor Mercadante, Virginia Tech (2020)
Philipe Moriel, University of Florida (2020)
Gota Morota, University of Nebraska (2020)
Mike Orth, Texas Tech University (2019)
Dan Poole, North Carolina State University (2020)
Matthew Poore, North Carolina State University (2018)
Larry Reynolds, North Dakota State University (2020)
Daniel Rivera, Mississippi State University (2020)
Jon Schoonmaker, Purdue University (2018)
Hans Stein, University of Illinois (2018)
Kendall Swanson, North Dakota State University (2019)
Alan Tilbrook, South Australian Research & Development Institute (2019)
Junjun Wang, China Agricultural University (2019)

Xiaolong Wang, Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry (2020)
Hedi Ward, University of Arkansas (2020)
Robin White, Virginia Tech (2020)
Brian Whitlock, University of Tennessee (2018)
Chenbo Yang, University of Manitoba (2020)
Yulong Yin, Subtropical Institute of Agriculture (2019)
Steve Zinn, University of Connecticut (2020)



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