Search Tips


"e.g., 10.2136/sssaj2010.00001". Each journal has a specific prefix usually followed by a suffix referring to the manuscript number e.g., the prefix for Agronomy Journal is  10.2134/agronj; 10.2136/sssaj is Soil Science Society of America Journal; 10.2135/cropsci is Crop Science. You can search by a complete or a partial DOI.


You can add as many keyword searches as you like. Within each search you can choose to match on Any (OR), All (AND) or a Phrase (""). If you add more than one search the results will match All keyword searches.

You can limit each keyword search to only search within Author, Title, Abstract, or Body. If you do not limit the search it will by default search everything for the keyword(s).
When searching for an author it is best not to use punctuation. Use first and last name (possibly just first initial) with a Search Type of "All". Some authors have their name entered as "First Last" in one article, while it may be "Last, First" in another. They may also include an initial in one, but not in another. If you have too many or too few results add or remove parts of a name or initials. This also pertains to titles. If searching for a  title that has a colon or hyphen or en dash and you do not get the result expected try removing the punctuation.


Article: If you know the article citation you may enter it here to minimize the number of the results to that article.

Citation: Will match any article that has cited an article matching the criteria entered.

Sort By: Will sort the result by the attribute selected.

Stem: Allows you to search on the root word. The results will contain plurals and gerunds (ing) etc. Searching on manage with stem checked will include in the results: manage, managed, manages,  and managing.

Access: Allows you to limit your search to “open access” articles.

Journals: You can search across multiple journals by checking the box next to the journal. If none are checked, the search will default to a search across all journals.

Filters on the Results Page

On the results page, the box to the left is additional filters. You may limit your results by clicking on an attribute in the box.  If you would like to remove a filter under Current Filters (top of the left-hand box), click on the (x) next to the filter you would like to remove.