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Journal Article
Governmental policies and measures regulating nitrogen and phosphorus from animal manure in European agriculture1
O. Oenema
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E196-E206
Journal Article
Commercial application of marker- and gene-assisted selection in livestock: Strategies and lessons12
J. C. M. Dekkers
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E313-E328
Journal Article
Technical basis for quantifying phosphorus transport to surface and groundwaters1
J. L. Havlin
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E277-E291
Journal Article
Somatotropin regulation of protein metabolism in pigs12
T. A. Davis, J. A. Bush, R. C. Vann, A. Suryawan, S. R. Kimball and D. G. Burrin
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E207-E213
Journal Article
Ovarian follicular growth and atresia: The relationship between cell proliferation and survival12
S. M. Quirk, R. G. Cowan, R. M. Harman, C.-L. Hu and D. A. Porter
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E40-E52
Journal Article
Designing trials to test the bioequivalence of diets for animal performance12
I. McMillan
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E223-E228
Journal Article
Quantitative genomics: Exploring the genetic architecture of complex trait predisposition12
D. Pomp, M. F. Allan and S. R. Wesolowski
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E300-E312
Journal Article
A new plasmid-mediated approach to supplement somatotropin production in pigs12
R. Draghia-Akli and M. L. Fiorotto
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E264-E269
Journal Article
An update on estrus synchronization in goats: A minor species1
N. C. Whitley and D. J. Jackson
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E270-E276
Journal Article
Energy value of pig feeds: Effect of pig body weight and energy evaluation system1
J. Noblet and J. van Milgen
Journal of Animal Science  2004 82: 13_suppl: E229-E238


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