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Journal Article
Range management for efficient reproduction1
K. C. Olson
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E107-E116
Journal Article
Role of dietary energy source in the expression of chronic exertional myopathies in horses1
R. J. Geor
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E32-E36
Journal Article
Nutritional controls of beef cow reproduction1
B. W. Hess, S. L. Lake, E. J. Scholljegerdes, T. R. Weston, V. Nayigihugu, J. D. C. Molle and G. E. Moss
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E90-E106
Journal Article
Insulin resistance in the horse: Definition, detection, and dietetics12
D. S. Kronfeld, K. H. Treiber, T. M. Hess and R. C. Boston
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E22-E31
Journal Article
Production practices and processing for value-added goat meat12
K. W. McMillin and A. P. Brock
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E57-E68
Journal Article
Designing supplements for stocker cattle grazing wheat pasture12
G. W. Horn, P. A. Beck, J. G. Andrae and S. I. Paisley
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E69-E78
Journal Article
Application of genomics to the pork industry1
H. A. M. van der Steen, G. F. W. Prall and G. S. Plastow
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E1-E8
Journal Article
Use of competitive exclusion to control enterotoxigenic strains of Escherichia coli in weaned pigs123
R. B. Harvey, R. C. Anderson, K. J. Genovese, T. R. Callaway and D. J. Nisbet
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E44-E47
Journal Article
The follicular phase in pigs: Follicle populations, circulating hormones, follicle factors and oocytes12
H. D. Guthrie
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E79-E89
Journal Article
The relationship between food prices and animal welfare1
M. C. Appleby
Journal of Animal Science  2005 83: 13_suppl: E9-E12


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