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Journal Article
Measuring splanchnic amino acid metabolism in vivo using stable isotopic tracers12
B. Stoll and D. G. Burrin
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E60-E72
Journal Article
Adaptation of beef cattle to high-concentrate diets: Performance and ruminal metabolism1
M. S. Brown, C. H. Ponce and R. Pulikanti
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E25-E33
Journal Article
Immunological aspects of nematode parasite control in sheep1
J. E. Miller and D. W. Horohov
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E124-E132
Journal Article
Adipocytes, myofibers, and cytokine biology: New horizons in the regulation of growth and body composition1
S. K. Jacobi, N. K. Gabler, K. M. Ajuwon, J. E. Davis and M. E. Spurlock
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E140-E149
Journal Article
Use of gene expression microarrays for evaluating environmental stress tolerance at the cellular level in cattle1
R. J. Collier, C. M. Stiening, B. C. Pollard, M. J. VanBaale, L. H. Baumgard, P. C. Gentry and P. M. Coussens
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E1-E13
Journal Article
Gene expression profiling: Insights into skeletal muscle growth and development1
J. M. Reecy, D. Moody Spurlock and C. H. Stahl
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E150-E154
Journal Article
Stable isotope methods for the in vivo measurement of lipogenesis and triglyceride metabolism12
E. J. Murphy
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E94-E104
Journal Article
Consequences of birth weight for postnatal growth performance and carcass quality in pigs as related to myogenesis1
C. Rehfeldt and G. Kuhn
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E113-E123
Journal Article
Mineral bioavailability and metabolism determined by using stable isotope tracers1
J. R. Turnlund
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E73-E78
Journal Article
Selection for sow longevity12
T. Serenius and K. J. Stalder
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E166-E171


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