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Putman C. T. (1)
Reecy J. M. (1)
Rehfeldt C. (1)
Richards C. J. (1)
Robbins K. R. (1)
Saxton A. M. (1)
Serenius T. (1)
Southern L. L. (1)
Spurlock D. Moody (1)
Spurlock M. E. (1)
Stahl C. H. (1)
Stalder K. J. (1)
Stein H. H. (1)
Stiening C. M. (1)
Stoll B. (1)
Sunny N. E. (1)
Town S. C. (1)
Turnlund J. R. (1)
VanBaale M. J. (1)
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2006 (17)


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Journal Article
Biological control of nematode parasites in sheep1
M. Larsen
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E133-E139
Journal Article
The biological basis for prenatal programming of postnatal performance in pigs12
G. R. Foxcroft, W. T. Dixon, S. Novak, C. T. Putman, S. C. Town and M. D. A. Vinsky
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E105-E112
Journal Article
Sites, rates, and limits of starch digestion and glucose metabolism in growing cattle1
G. B. Huntington, D. L. Harmon and C. J. Richards
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E14-E24
Journal Article
Estimation of nutrient requirements using broken-line regression analysis1
K. R. Robbins, A. M. Saxton and L. L. Southern
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E155-E165
Journal Article
Gene expression profiling: Insights into skeletal muscle growth and development1
J. M. Reecy, D. Moody Spurlock and C. H. Stahl
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E150-E154
Journal Article
Mineral bioavailability and metabolism determined by using stable isotope tracers1
J. R. Turnlund
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E73-E78
Journal Article
Selection for sow longevity12
T. Serenius and K. J. Stalder
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E166-E171
Journal Article
An upper limit for caloric density of finishing diets12
C. R. Krehbiel, J. J. Cranston and M. P. McCurdy
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E34-E49
Journal Article
Measuring synthesis rates of nitrogen-containing polymers by using stable isotope tracers12
M. Z. Fan, L. I. Chiba, P. D. Matzat, X. Yang, Y. L. Yin, Y. Mine and H. H. Stein
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E79-E93
Journal Article
Measuring splanchnic amino acid metabolism in vivo using stable isotopic tracers12
B. Stoll and D. G. Burrin
Journal of Animal Science  2006 84: 13_suppl: E60-E72


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